Ilan Marek

IMG_7226Ilan Marek, FRSC was born in Haifa (Israel), educated in France, and received his PhD thesis in 1988 from the University Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, (France). In 1989, he was postdoctoral fellow in Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium) and obtained a research position at the CNRS in France in 1990. After obtaining his Habilitation in Organic Chemistry, he moved to the Technion- Israel Institute of Technology at the end of 1997 where he currently holds a full Professor position. Since 2005, he holds the Sir Michael and Lady Sobell Academic Chair. He is particularly interested in developing carbon-carbon bond forming as well as carbon-carbon bond activation processes, which efficiently create multiple stereocenters in a single-pot operation. Understanding of reaction mechanisms gives insight into the origins of chemo- and stereoselectivity, and governs optimization towards the most efficient and general protocols for his methodologies. His vision is that we should provide an answer to challenging synthetic problems but it has to be coupled with unique efficiency and elegance.

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