Jacques Maddaluno

Jacques Maddaluno got a Ph.D. in 1986 from Paris 6 University under the guidance of Dr J. d’Angelo. He followd with a post-doc with Dr A. Sevin’s laboratory, in the same university, where he discovered computational chemistry. He next moved to Stanford University (California) where he joined, in 1986-1988, the Nancy Pritzker Laboratory dedicated to neurobiology. He there worked with Prof. Kym F. Faull on the rapid synthesis of 15O-labelled (L)-DOPA for the study of narcoleptic dogs by Positron Emission Tomography. In 1988 he was appointed as CNRS fellow in the laboratory of Prof. Duhamel in Rouen University (France) where he was interested in chiral lithium amides chemistry. He started, with Prof. Hassan Oulyadi, a research project on lithiated aggregates in solution. In 2000, he was promoted Research Director at CNRS. The part of his research presented at ICOMC deals with the structure and reactivity of polar organometallic derivatives and their applications in asymmetric synthesis. In 2017, he has been appointed Director of the Chemistry Department of CNRS (130 chemistry labs, nationwide). He received the Société Chimique de France Award in Organic Chemistry in 2012 and was proposed “distinguished fellow” of SCF in 2017.