Valeria Conte

CONTEVValeria Conte graduated in Chemistry and completed her Ph.D. studies in Chemical Science the University of Padova under the supervision of Prof. Giorgio Modena. During the PhD she spent a year in Prof. J.K. Stille Group at the University of Colorado. In 1993 she was appointed Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry, University of Foggia. After moving in 2001 to the University of Roma “Tor Vergata”, in 2006 she became full professor of Organic Chemistry. She has been coordinator and Italian representative of several COST actions and member of the Board of the Organic Chemistry Division, 2014-2016 (Vice-president).
The scientific interest of Prof. Valeria Conte is mainly directed toward the comprehension of the reactivity of metal peroxo species in several different reactions. In particular she developed highly sustainable two-phase procedures for oxidation and oxybromination reactions, Ionic liquids as neoteric and sustainable media for oxidation reactions, innovative procedures for fuel desulphurization and aromatic substrates bromination. A spin-off of Tor Vergata University is currently operating.